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Poor girl. I hope that the cat shelter event goes a lot better and helps her have a relaxing day. And thanks for doing all the hard work for the troop, by the way.


I think the woman should have had the police called on her for interfering with a service animal! Poor pup!


I hope the girls' Black Friday event at the shelter goes well! As the proud servant to a black cat myself, I can certainly appreciate their unique coloring. Makes it impossible to photograph them well. I'm so sorry for Porkchop getting hurt. He is a big sweetie for working so quickly with his girl, calming her down and for aiding her during all her times of need. :)


Dude, all the feels with this story:
-Girl Scouts! Yay!
-And they want to help a kitty shelter!
-Holy crap, that Black Friday idea is awesome! (I may steal it for next year - my friend runs a kitty rescue.)
-WTF, lady? Rude as shit! AND that dog is wearing a service vest - open your eyes, RAWR, RAWR, RAWR!
-OMG, way to go, GS mom who yelled at that dumb bitch! She totally deserved it!
I also hope that the girls' shelter event goes well :)


I think Rachel is my new hero. What a champ to stand up for anyone, relative or not. Some krusty's can be unforgivably rude! Good luck with your campaign. I own a "black" cat. She's my darling little princess and she's actually melanistic. She has Brown tabby stripes when the light hits her just right. The stereotypes for black cats is stupid. They deserve as much love as any other pet. Thank your girls for helping them out.

Book Baby

PLEASE let me smack this stupid woman.

NC Tony

@ Book Baby: The line to slap the woman starts behind me.

Sales Agent Guy

If that were my dog, I'd have filed a complaint for animal cruelty!

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