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"Grrr. These people suck."

Yes. Yes, they do. There are some good recruiters out there, but a distressingly large number of them suck.


I've been spammed by these people too. When they called me, I took a rather more assertive tone with them.

Specifically, I said, "I'm an IT Project Manager, with over 20 years of server and network management experience. What the F*** makes you think I'd be interested in, let alone good at selling insurance?!?!"

They hung up.

TaTa Ria

No one's called me yet, but I get 3-5 emails a week like this. And they're from companies I've never heard of. "We're expanding in your area!"

Mmm-hmmm. Tell me, am I going to have to pay for training and materials? What about certifications? I think you have to be certified to sell certain types of insurance products. But I wouldn't know for sure, BECAUSE I DON'T HAVE ANY INDUSTRY EXPERIENCE!

Honestly, I think if you swap out the name of the insurance company for any other multi-level marketing company, (Avon, Mary Kay, Amway...) and the come-on sounds the same, you have your answer.


I constantly have the same problem. I actually had one person argue with me with her trying to convince me I had extensive sales background. Yes I worked in retail, but if they had read even just the positions held they would know all I've done is build displays and cashier! I'm great at taking money but anything beyond "do you need brushes or rollers for that paint?" is beyond me. I can barely manage to call my mom without texting her first, let alone cold call people all day to sell them insurance


Oh geez, selling At&T door to door. I interviewed for one of those positions and they sent me to shadow one of their salespeople. It was terrifying. We had people scream at us, threaten to call the cops on us and one lady got a shotgun after us (and this was in a nice suburban neighborhood). Sales guy told me we weren't allowed to leave until they shut the door on us (strangely enough, almost no one did -.-*). I prayed that half of our houses wouldn't be home or would be kind enough to not answer the door. Eight hours later, I told them I didn't think I was qualified.


I had someone contact me recently about a position in my field. (Ball!)

It was a junior-level position. (Resumé says he's got 15 years experience, strike 1!)

And they wanted a MAXIMUM of 3 years of experience. Yes, maximum--I had to read it twice to be sure myself. (Strike 2, and fuck baseball rules, he's out for being a dumbass!)


MovedOn et al; I've had the same problem. 16 years of tech support on custom software experience apparently just SCREAMS insurance salesman... like nine different companies are STILL bugging me.

BPFH: Way back when, I saw an ad for Win95 support asking for five years of experience. In 1998. Along with 'if you do not meet these qualifications your application will be discarded'.

Jason Thorn

"We think you'll be do well for the job you are suited for!"

What part of 7 years of IT experience qualifies me to cold-call for State Farm?

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