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Why should they ask you if you were okay? It's not like you're late due to a car accident; you're late due to a car needing maintenance.

Compared to most of the other posts on this site, your complaint is pretty petty and whiny. You know, "princess problems."

Your car was smoking, but you weren't concerned enough to have it towed. That tells me pretty much that it was not "about to burst into flames."

In short, you over-exaggerate and would drown in a glass of water.


wow. "me" is a complete asshat! NO ONE tows a car if the car is still moving forward and the shop is close by. a tiiiiny bit of smoke is alarming, yes, but rolling it another couple of blocks is a far better option than waiting an hour for a tow truck you can't afford (min $80 without aaa). any car troubles will start your day off ultra-frazzled as you worry about how much the repair is and how you're going to get home again.

yes, your work should have checked if you were okay, esp if you let them know it started smoking. and good on you for getting there only 15min late! that's awesome! at the very least, your management team should have acknowledged that you obviously were trying to get your ass to work. so many people would have just called out for that.

oh, and you should absolutely report that contracted cleaning guy to your management team. that's ridiculous and likely goes against closing procedures and shit, which is designed to keep the closing team SAFE when no one else is around. if extra unaccounted-for bodies are at the store later than intended, that puts liability back on the store as well as forcing unnecessary overtime payouts. that cleaning guy being 40min late is really 40min they have to pay you overtime for.

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