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Norm de Guerre

Sorry. I read both sides, and I have to go with the customer(100%) on this one. The company screwed up and tried to blame the customer. It backfired with me; I'll never do business with them.

Stationary Security

I need to agree with the above. Reading both responses, and despite her overuse of the Caps Lock button, I would need to side with the customer. Just because the company takes the time to try and disarm a customer complaint in that way does not invalidate her argument entirely.

Interesting you state your brain is taking a holiday when you post this one, eh?


I, as well must agree with the customer.

I look at it this way; if you say a "cake"- for example will take 1 hour then i will not ask for it for 1 hour.

but if you say "check back ASAP!" then i will get annoyed every 5 minutes until i get my cake.

yes, your company is entitled to have some time off but for the ,love of god- find a way to tell your customers so we do not get pissed.


Thats why I always try to get both sides, people cut importent shit out and spin it to sell you their side.


Split 50/50 for me. The company erred by not letting her know their business hours. These days, it is easy to assume that most companies are open on the weekends and later into the evenings, and when you receive a message saying "contact us ASAP", you can also assume that they will be open and ready to take your call then.
BUT, I feel she was kind of a bitch about it. I think she over-reacted. It's not that hard to say "I was asked to contact you ASAP, but I could not get a hold of someone, and couldn't find your business hours posted. You might consider adding that to your informational materials to avoid conflicts in the future."
Frankly, I think it was BS that they both took it to FB. Nothing says "class" like blasting someone on social media.

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