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Sales Agent Guy

Actions like that should be grounds for an investigation by the Department of Youth Services (or whatever equivalent is there.) Parents who do that don't deserve to have children!

NC Tony

Using your kids to steal should be automatic grounds for CPS or the equivalent being called. No hesitation, just "Oh, you told your kid to steal. Well, that right there is proof that you have no business raising a child."


Blargh. One of my very first transactions after becoming a retail slave was ringing up a 10-year-old buying a little infant outfit... paying with cash... in the men's athletic department. I was all "Oh, how nice! Are you buying this for your little sister?" She didn't really speak any English, and took her purchase away after paying. The guy I was shadowing patted me on the shoulder and said, "That was probably a tag switch. Welcome to retail." I was naive enough to be shocked when I realized that that girl's parents had forced her to help them scam the store.


It's nothing new at the flea market. We had parents coach their toddlers to grab and hide objects, and scold the children if they get caught and say "Oh he does this all the time!"

Worse, we had banned a disabled (wheelchair bound) woman and her able partner in crime for hiding stolen goods in the wheelchair! And the scheme allowed them to declare discrimination due to disability.

I like when my 'clients' are kitties who just want food, water, clean poop box, and cuddles.

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