Retail Hell Underground: Bethesda Apple Store Drops The Ball In Caring For Custy Who Was Injured by 800 Pound Door

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Oh jeebus! Will he recover okay? I hope nothing else was hit, that will take some time to recover from. I know it might not be in his mind right now, but make sure he files a police report of his own, even if one is already out there.

Funny business sometimes happens in Bethesda.

NC Tony

I bet they'll be falling all over themselves to get in touch with him when he sues them.


That piece of glass on the ground certainly isn't 800 lbs. Was the rest removed but somehow the glass left behind?

Joe the Cigar Guy

Finally, something to make people forget that Apple employees did absolutely nothing while listening to a woman being murdered at the Lululemon store next door.


the door did weigh 800 lbs. It was almost an inch thick.

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