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You stayed on the line a lot longer than I would have. I hope your employment situation improves soon.


This reminds me of the "budgeting advice" I got from a financial aid counselor once: Cut down on shopping for clothes and makeup(!?), share phone/internet/cable with friends(!??!), and sell my car(!??!?). For the record, at the time I had none of those things. The government also assumes your parents are subsidizing your tuition even if you're a mature student or independent. I guess they are so used to dealing with rich people who are fucking horrible with money that they cannot comprehend the money just not being there.

Without Nametag

@Sandman - me too. Getting real freaking tired of this crap. Yesterday I was served with court papers because a bill collector got tired of waiting for me to get a better job.

@ Nocturnesthesia -Ugh, as a student, I got that a lot. I would talk about not having money to go see a doctor or something, and some genius would say, "Oh, it's okay! Didn't you know that you can be on your parents' insurance until you're 26?"
"Yes, I did know that. Did you know I'm 32?"
My friend once had a food stamp worker tell her to sell her car, which was her only mode of transportation in a town with no mass transit system.


Ugh, I feel your pain.
I recently got a medical bill that they wanted payment on in a week! Considering all the expenses coming up, and no, not Christmas gifts...things like new tires to replace my bald ones, a parking permit for next semester so I can get to work, and paying for my four legged baby to get her shots, this medical bill fell under the category of 'Not gonna happen unless I don't eat for the next two weeks!'

I call up the billing office, though, and luckily they were very reasonable about letting me pay just what I could this month and then make payments on the rest.
Hope your situation improves soon.


Share your phone and internet with friends? No thanks, I have watched enough People's Court to be wary of getting stuck with the full bill. I only did it for my best friend because we've been friends for a decade, and even then I was wary.


The good news is that when you do finally find that elusive well-paying full-time job, it will probably only take you a couple years of careful budgeting to get out from under the debt and have a normal life. Keep your head up and try not to let the terrible economy get to you. I know how bad it feels to be buried under debt but remember that this, like most things, is temporary.

NC Tony

Like Sandman said, you stayed on a lot longer than I would have. I would have just hung up when they told me to collect soda bottles for recycling.


I've always had to bite my tongue to not ask for extra time because after all it's a lot of work to pull a successful bank hist.

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