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Joe the Cigar Guy

Don't you just love it when somebody INSISTS you give them the higher price?

Devil's Advocate

Maybe you should calm down. You don't like the number of hours you are getting, understandable. You do have options, let me help you since all you seem to be able to do is complain. 1: ask for less hours. Yes you run a big risk here, but if you can't handle working 60 hours a week and going to school you have no choice. 2: Ask others to cover some shifts. If people truly want more hours (which I'll be a LOT of your co-workers do) then there will be several asking for the hours.

Instead your bitchy about yours, which in turn makes you a bitch to your customers (except for the 40% guy, he's just stupid). Yeah if I'm a customer and your screaming at a co-worker in front of me, it's gonna piss me off. And yeah I get mad when the sale price doesn't ring up and the employee is grumbly and bitchy about it. It's not the customer's fault either.

Calm down, take a deep breath and try to find a solution.


I'd report your ass to corporate if you pulled that attitude shit in front of me.

You are not cut out for dealing with people.


@DA and "Me"

Work for 60 hours a week, with three or so days off over the course of four months. Then pretend you are able to remain calm when dealing with people who view you as nothing more than a dummy to use, abuse, and forget about. You will be outright lying if you pretend you could.

Devil's Advocate


Actually I have worked that many hours over the course of many months with few days off. No I'm not in the best mood, but I don't take it out on everyone around me. I have something called control over myself, my emotions, and my actions. And yes I'd expect her to do the job she was hired and getting paid to do---part of which is customer service.

I have worked retail and MOST customers are NOT crustys. In her story the 40% guy was crazy, but the other customer had a legit complaint and was not at fault. So yeah her attitude sucks. It also sounds like in her life everyone else is to blame and not her. It's obvious others would take her hours, switch shift etc. Its obvious she has done nothing to alleviate the problem. Some people just want to complain.

And yes, it would be one thing if a crusty was "abusing her" but a crusty simply being irritated that the sales price doesn't come up shouldn't be subjected to her inability to control herself. Sorry she sounds like a 2 year old. Time to grow-up.


Not everyone has control over their emotions. She's going to school so she obviously has no fucks to give about these people and this job. That irks you? Sorry but no one cares. Don't read her rants then. And really, a three paragraph response?

Devil's Advocate


Not everyone has control over their emotions...that's fine, but just understand there are consequences for that in the type of job she works. If she has "No fucks to give" then she shouldn't mind if she's reported to corporate or people are upset with her. I mean she is being paid to give a fuck. I don't care if she rants, I simply wanted to give her some solutions. But a lot of people would rather complain. I'm glad she's going to school, in a time of economic down-turn people love to hire those with horrible attitudes and lack of ability to problem-solve.


"Really? A three paragraph response? I mean I wouldn't care if it were something I agreed with, but since I don't, fuck you for having things to say!"

Long responses irk you? Sorry but no one cares. Don't read their responses then.


Way to be supportive and try to understand someone else's problem, guys. Sheesh, get over yourselves. Burger, we love you. Don't forget that you have TONS of people worldwide that care about you and like hearing about your day. Sharing one's misery makes it seem less heavy,and we are willing and happy to help you carry on into another day! Thanks for being here, and for being yourself.


Sooo you flip the fuck out on your co-worker because you work so many hours you have time for nothing?

Then you flip the fuck out on your co-worker again, because J/K about working all the time, you had two days off and didn't know the sales.

If you were my co-worker I would report you for hostility in the working environment. Chill out on the toxicity.


Please forgive her for taking her first days off in several weeks and not involving herself in even more work during that time. It is clear that you have taken the time to understand the entire context of the experience she is describing.

Burger Bitch

Oh right! I forgot that when I post to rant, that means that everyone knows everything about my life!

First of all, the sale price lady. When I say that she bitched at me, I mean, she yelled at me when the sale price didn't come up. At which point, I called Men's Wear and asked, then my coworker bitched at me about the price. I wasn't rude to the customer, I called the appropriate department to make sure that the price was what the customer was saying, because I need permission in order to change it.

Second, the two days off I had were my first in a month. I spent them getting groceries, trying to do the laundry that had been ignored for a month, studying, doing the cleaning that had also been ignored, and getting Christmas prep done.

Third, how does me venting obviously mean that I have done nothing to alleviate the problems? I really just don't get that.

Fourth, I don't blame everything on everyone else. I am wrong, a lot actually! I've spoken to management about my hours, but nobody else is willing to work the amount of hours that I am and if they're given them, they won't show up.

But thanks for everyone for being so supportive. I thought this was a place to rant, but apparently not. I even said that I just NEEDED TO RANT. I didn't want pity or to be bitched at, I just wanted to rant. Better let everyone else know that if they need to vent, they'll just have self righteous assholes jump down their throats. Jesus.

Kiliana Nightwolf

Those guys are asses, BB. Just ignore them. I couldn't work that many hours, myself. It would drive me insane.


Burger Bitch certainly sounds like she lives up to her name. Girl, you need to get laid and quit whining all the damn time.

Zellie Crescent

BB, you can vent all you want I won't judge you. It's understandable that you're only human and under a lot of stress, I was able to read your rant from your viewpoint. I understand that you are an over worked, over stressed employee and I know what it's link to have idiotic/asshole coworkers and managers who don't seem to care. Whatever you need to get off your chest then do so, it's not good to keep it all bottled up it'll make you sick and make your hair fall out trust me I know. What ever you need to say, you won't get any judgement from me.


Ah, man. I feel for ya, BB. Reading over your posts the last few weeks, it's obvious that you're really stressed out. Underemployed or over, it's never the right amount, is it? I would totally take some of your hours if I could. Here's what I don't get: you tell your boss that you can only work a certain number of hours per week because you have another job/school/children to care for/whatever, and they go ahead and schedule you for twice that many hours. Later, when your schedule clears up, and your availability becomes unlimited, they cut you back to practically no hours a week, and when you ask for more, they say they don't have any more to give you. It never fails. Damned if you do, damned if you don't.


BB, I personally love all of your posts. Please keep ranting on RHU, you say things I wish I had the lady cojones to say. I hope your work schedule gets better soon :)


Rant on. Solidarity, respect and good wishes for things to look up soon.

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