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just two similar instances:

-one was the fact that after black friday we got about 5,000 fake trees. there were fake trees EVERYWHERE. for the first 5 days of dec literally nothing else could fit in the stock room- But holy crap did they go fast.
Dec 10th- sold out.
why target did not order more is a mystery but Dec 10-the 24th i got dozens of people asking "were are your fake trees?"

the 2nd simialr story; once again Target does one huge order then no orders- Ninjago (that ninja lego tv show....) we had so many boxes of ninjago sets they got their own asile- until Dec 20th when they were gone. smart people were grabbing 5 at a time , perhaps knowing that Target does not restock regularly (we got more in today., the 27th.)

but of course there were the people asking "HOW CAN YOU BE OUT?! CAN YOU CHECK IN THE BACK?!"

Eventually management passed down a "rule" that we always say "we're out right now but our truck comes in tomorrow morning." NOT a ninjago truck, a "off site delivery" truck that delivers every thing from candy to phones.

so when the custy comes back we then say "oh no! I thought we would get some on today's truck! maybe tomorrow."

I refuse; i just say "you might want to check walgreens."

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