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Sales Agent Guy

If that's not a scammer, I dunno what is! Granted, she may be an older woman, but even if she isn't fully functional in the brain, that's still no excuse to be doing what she's doing to the store!

Sachimi Sushi

Food poisoning -can- happen within an hour and last only a few hours, but it seems like this woman was in fact a scammer.


Yeah, I agree with the above. When I get food poisoning, I get sick within a few hours, and then am fine the next day. I guess my system is extra-efficient or something. (Yay?) But for most people it DOES take longer than that... and generally the experience of food poisoning is lousy enough to make you avoid eating that food altogether, even if you do believe it was just a fluke. And you definitely don't go back for coupons! Scam, scam, scam.


I'm not a fan of Obama, but I'm failing to see how it's his fault that the post office is slow! What the heck?


Senile Dementia, Ho!
As her memory starts to go,
Her rage will begin to grow!
And for Customer Service slaves it will blow.
Senile Dementia, Ho!

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