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Bored at the Bookstore

One night recently, I closed up the shop, turned both window and door signs to "Closed", turned out the lights, stepped outside, locked the door, and was climbing into my car when a slow-witted soul parked beside me, rolled down the window, and asked, "Are you _closed_????"

"Yep. See you tomorrow at ten!"

"Are you sure? Couldn't you just let me in for a few minutes? I just need a couple of things...."

"Sorry, I have an appointment." With a couch, a book, tea, and a warm blankie.

I did _not_ ram her car with mine in my way out of the lot. That would only raise my insurance, after all. But if wishes came true....


"I just need a couple things" WTF? It's not like you're a grocery store. And even if you were... close is closed.

Trucker Bitch

I don't even like going into stores near their closing times, because I know what a pain in the ass last minute customers can be.


I always get a tiny bit of satisfaction from turning people away after we're closed.
Like TB said, I don't even bother going to stores if its within their last hour open. I know how much I hate it so I try not to do it to others.

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