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Reliable Slave

Good news (or bad?): it's not just you. My first real crusty was one of these. Came storming up to the counter raging "This is a digrace! This is an absolute disgrace! I am going to be calling your head office! I cannot believe [COMPANY] would allow such a thing!" Never said what the problem was and got mad that a) I didn't know what the issue was and therefore b) had to ask her what it was.

The issue, by the way, was that we did not have any "home made" kosher apple cake. We had plenty of kosker apple cakes, mind you, but all made by other companies and shipped in pre-made, none made in-store.


Yup... I've been screamed at pretty much right away. The lady was mad because the person that made the appt for her told her out building was 599 when it's really 499. 599 doesn't exist and that was somehow my fault as soon as she came up to my window.


Just last weekend I had a lady come in with a card that would normally get her 10% off most things but it was almost 3 months out of date, and as I was telling her she shouldn't really be getting discount until she gets a new one she kicks off shouting at me, it went on for about 15 minutes and then ruined the cashing up for the poor girl in the morning because she made me have to put a coupon through then refund it and put it through a different way which messes up our morning cashing up. The best bit- if she had waited 2 seconds for me to finish what I was saying I would have turned to my manager and asked her to do the discount anyway. She went on to post rude comments about me on facebook, but I did have 2 other customers email our head office and back me up at what a bitch she was to me.


Happens fairly often with tech support. They feel stupid because they don't know something so they start off shrieking to try and make you feel bad so you won't think about how dumb they are.

Total failure; there's nothing wrong with ignorance if you're trying to fix it, and I have no problem helping people who just need to know something. But if they start screeching at me, especially before I've even done anything, they get the straight company line and unless it's something as simple as 'how do I spell AOL' I don't even care if I fix it.


We have a special system where it displays the original price and then the discounted price. Had a customer buy 2 of "X product" for $12, told him the total was $12, and he kept ranting on about how "I'm not paying $15, that's WRONG, it's on special. This is outrageous" etc. etc.

I had to eventually interrupt with "I'm not asking for $15. It's $12". He was mid-rant, continued for a few seconds and then went "Wait...what?" Someone felt a little sheepish.

NC Tony

I posted a story a long while back from when I worked at the Bullseye. I had my RF gun in a holster, and was scanning items for replenishment. Of course since RF guns shoot out the laser beam to read the barcode and make cool beeping sounds, a little kid was intrigued by it. After asking me if he could "play with it", I politely explained that it wasn't a toy, but a very expensive piece of equipment. Before I could say another word his mother came over and screamed "He's not going to break it!", and grabbed him and stormed off. If she hadn't have cut me off I would have showed the kid how it worked, and what I was doing, but no, apparently I called her kid a klutz and claimed he would break the RF gun. As far as I know she never complained about it, but after she was gone, I told my supervisor what happened just in case she did decide to complain.


Yup. Back when I was working at Hellmart I had a customer come up to me ranting about how we never had any berries. At least he had the grace to look sheepish when I pointed to their location.


One day when I was on the register ringing up groceries I got this one customer who at first seemed nice. She proceeded to tell me that she had to make two transactions, I told her that was fine. Well the first one was just for some gum and chapstick and the second was for groceries. Well we had our 12 pk can cokes on sale that week 4 for 11, but there is a catch your only aloud 4 packs of drinks per transaction so I needed to split her order since she had 8 and not 4 of the cokes, I was trying to save her money and I was nice to her. She then started to snap at me about it and say well it did not say that on the shelf where I got it, I told her mam let me get the sale paper and show you that it says only 4 per transaction and I want you to get your drinks for the sale so I need to split the order. She then started to get rude and mind you I was trying to save her money,I mean what if I did not do this for her and she only got the sale for 4 and then she would of complained to customer service about it to. Well I just stopped talking to her and finished up with her order I even told the bitch to have a nice day and she still was nasty to me, I admit I got upset about it and started to cry because for one it pissed me off not only was I nice but I was trying to help her out and then she decides to go to customer service anyway and complain on me that I was rude to her when I was not. I kinda thought maybe she was not human or something but she was just a miserable person. Well my assistant manager told me to next time don't let it happen again and just be nice and I told him I was nothing but kind to her and she was the rude one and he still told me to just do whatever to make her happy the next time she came in, I proceeded to tell him that the next time I saw her I would turn her away and not help, well she has not been back anyways.

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