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Wait, people "donate" pets to your store? WTF is wrong with them? A pet store is not the Goodwill, nor is it the Humane Society! What dumbshits.


Some people don't like to keep a dog once the cute stage is over. Some people shouldn't be allowed to buy pets.

Trucker Bitch

I could never imagine abandoning my dog like that. if I could no longer take care of him, I would look for a new home for him and it would be the hardest choice of my life. I would seriously go without food myself to afford my dog's food.


I have done that for my cats, Trucker Bitch... for a bad three weeks, I ate once every two days at Freckle Chick's burger joint when they had the all you can eat taco bar, but my cats had food.

As to the swiping cards thing, some places let you swipe at any time. My local grocery store does that, as soon as you walk up, even before anything's been scanned, it says 'swipe your card'. The problem is more inconsistency of UI.

Of course, after being told 'not yet', doing it again is stupid.

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