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And here kids, we have an example of all around asshole people. c:

Cat wrangler

I agree mintypoison they were both assholes. Didnt feel sorry for either one.


She was being a bitch, she did not know what she wanted he knew exactly what he wanted he was just gonna get in and out. She was an entitled little bitch, he thought her rant was funny and her little muffin game was funny so he laughed, what she did next then was assault, I hope she was arrested.


it took her a full three minutes to buy gd muffins from a corner shop. that's ridiculous. he chuckled. it was rude, but she was copping attitude the whole 3 minutes...and could have just let him go ahead of her.

instead, she decided to mace him? yeah, that's assault.


That's assault. You can't just pepper spray someone because they're laughing at you.


It's assault. Laughing and making catty remarks is rude. Macing - That's a crime.


Retired from Hell

Sorry, I don't think she was that out of line. He was a jackass.

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