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Or perhaps, and bear with me here, it's fake. Look at the first related video.

Bored at the Bookstore

I would not be surprised if it's fake - nor if it's true, either. I once had a lady come in and want "the books that Sandra Brown writes under her other name". Now, Sandra does have multiple pen names, and I looked them all up and showed each one to her.

"No, that's WRONG! Not any of those people! SANDRA BROWN's other name! Here, I'll show you!" And she pulled out a paperback of one of Sandra's books, opened it to the inside of the back cover and jabbed repeatedly at the picture. "SEE! THAT's her other name, you stupid girl! I want the books written under THAT name!"

She refused to believe that the name she was pointing out was the credit line for the photographer who'd taken the nice portrait of Sandra Brown. She stomped out, swearing she'd never return to such a useless place that didn't even have Sandra Brown's other books.


The fact that she uses the phrase "cock-a-doodie" is a dead giveaway that she is pranking, as that was one of Annie Wilkes' (Paul Sheldon's Number One Fan) favorite phrases, and she would never have known it without having the actual Misery by Stephen King. I don't know if the staff was in on it, but she was definitely acting. Also, she wants the novels that are mentioned in Misery, including the one that he wrote while being held by Annie, but those Misery Chastain novels don't exist outside of the Stephen King novel Misery.


The video may be a fake/acting but I started having flashbacks about working at Barnes and Trouble and have such an awful taste in my mouth.


Hahaha. Yep... Fake fake fake. I hope the staff was in on it... I was thinking "what a crazy bitch!" until I heard her say "cock-a-doodie".

I'm shocked no one in the store got it when she uttered that phrase...


Lol this lady was pretending to be the crazy Annie wilkes from the misery story..I'm his number one fan.

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