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Um, no. You sound fucking smart. And he sounds like he needs to get smacked for making fun of "special" people.

Senior Retail Lady

Well, that is how I was trained to do it, waaaay back when, and that is how I still do it. And that is how I train newbies- or suggest they do it if I am working with them. Not only does it keep the crusties from scamming me, but helps me catch any mistakes that I may have made.


That's what I would do as well. It sometimes helps to hear it out loud, and most of the time your own voice is the most intelligent one around.


I ALWAYS count out load when getting cash or handing back change. It keeps my focus on what I'm taking or giving and catches my mistakes if any. Helps when I'm dead tired at the end of shifts. xD That guy either has never worked retail or thinks too highly of his math skills.

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