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Senior Retail Lady

I can't believe that your managers allow this! If the customer says that they want to leave, we are to tell them that we have to void their transaction and start over when they come back. Irritates me to no end when they wait until I am DONE to tell me that they left their coupon or wallet in the car!

Bored at the Bookstore

Happens all the time here. At least, we're a small plaza, and the car is generally nearby. But why in the world would you "go shopping" and leave the money in the car? This is why we keep a penny bin on the counter. "Four cents short? No problem, got it right here. Next time you're in, you can drop some pennies in..."

And I won't make another person wait on the idiot, either, should we have more than one customer at the register (rare, but it happens). They come back with the change, and I say, "Oh, I had to void out the entire transaction - I'll start over now that you're ready." Although with our aged register, if it takes them long enough for me to have time to void the sale, they were gone for a looonnngg time!


Working at a berry farm with a u-pick, this sort of thing happens all too often, even though we tell people to keep their valuables on them at all times. It's fine on a slow day, but super annoying on the weekends when everyone and their mother decides to go berry picking and no one has their money when they come to the check out :(

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