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delta is the worst. THE worst.

once missed a connecting flight because we were
1. delayed for 45min on the runway to wait for a de-icing truck (still counts as an on-time push-off!) and then
2. wasn't sure what time zone cinnci was in...and the announcing flight attendant called out the WRONG time when we were about to de-board. i thought i had a good 20min or so, but my connecting flight had already pushed off...and i got to watch the plane waiting on the runway for a de-icing truck....

Trucker Bitch

I had a similar delay with de-icing truck problems on a WestJet flight. Luckily they were able to rebook all my connections, though I ended up having to spend 9 hrs cooling my heels at my first stop over. And because of that, I was "travelling" for twice as long just to get from Abbotsford BC to Ottawa ON (was going to arrive in Ottawa at 8pm, but didn't get there 8am the next morning)


I just finished a trip via Delta - it says something about a company when in Atlanta (one of their major hubs), they have a large number of "Need help rebooking your flight?" kiosks between gates. And not just one center of these, almost every gap between gate clusters had some kind of customer support installation.

Kiliana Nightwolf

This is why I take the train.

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