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Sales Agent Guy

Seriously, you should've asked her to move along.

NC Tony

If I was a customer I would have passed word to every customer behind me to bump into them as they passed by, and loudly say "EXCUSE ME!" when passing by. Either that or make snide comments about them to the cashier loud enough for them to hear.

Trucker Bitch

I would have definitely had said something to the crusty if I was one of the customers behind her.


yeah, i would have spoken up if i was behind a woman like that in line.

people get crazy around the holidays. i was at a vs last year, and there was a woman buying a night shirt (not sexy, just a t-shirt) that had been marked down. "oh, you found a sale section? that's awesome! where did you see that?" in my nicest sing-song voice. the woman spun her head around so fast i thought it would keep going and stammered a "what? i don't f-ing know. in the back. i don't f-ing work here. guh. don't ask me all sorts of questions! i obviously don't f-ing work here."

the retail slave and i made mutual "wtf" eyecontact. the woman continued to shuffle her money/cards into her wallet as i approached the register and politely said "well, i bet you work here. didn't realize i was ruining her day by asking a question. wowwwww..." to which the evil woman just grumbled again that 'she didn't f-ing work there', and wandered off. seriously? i just asked where you snagged such a deal. relax. breathe. the brain needs oxygen to function.

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