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Bored at the Bookstore

Went to Kohl's today, shopping, and the men's t-shirt section was a horrendous mess. It was obvious a Piggy Shopper had been hunting for Just The Right Shirt and flinging the rejects everywhere (they were even hanging off the sale sign!). I wanted a couple T's, too, and as I hunted, I found myself carefully folding, stacking, and sorting the other shirts into neat stacks. My son said, "Mom? You working here now? How's the pay?"

I swear, after getting to know you folks here, I couldn't help myself! I didn't do the whole table, but at least a quarter of it looked better when I left than it had when I'd arrived....


Bored, I'd have had your son pick up the clothes. Then at least he'd think twice about messing up a store for fun. I know he didn't do it, but it's no more fair to the workers to clean it up than it is for you or him. And he made the snarky comment.

Bored at the Bookstore

Actually,Madrias, he did hand me some that had hit the floor. And he's worked retail himself since he was 15 (nearly 25 years ago), so he has his very own discount rat/piggy/demonspawn tales to tell.

So, he wasn't actually being snarky, just amused at workaholic mom, working on her one day off in the week. He spent something like three and a half hours today pushing me in a wheelchair around stores I wanted to visit but couldn't, because they don't provide go-karts for handicapped persons. I can't remain on my feet for long enough to do any meaningful shopping, darn it, even with the walker.


Thanks for clarifying, Bored.

I kind of figured he wasn't actually being a jerk with the comment, just teasing you.
My family is like that too.

Bored at the Bookstore

My son may be the King of Sarcasm/Snark at times, but then, I can't complain. I taught him everything he knows, after all. What can you say abut a guy who's nearly perfected the art of the pun? *G*

Funny thing is, he's the image of my dad - physically and mentally. Some things evidently really are in the genes!

Trucker Bitch

I'm a big girl, so anything in my size is 99.99999999% of the time on the bottom of the piles. So when I need to dig for what I want, I just lift up the end so I can see the sizes. When I reach the size I need, I move the all the top ones completely to the side to get what I need.

Then I neatly put all moved ones back. Seriously it's not that hard to not make a mess if you have to dig for the shirt you want/need.


Ah, my fault for assuming your son was less than 15. Just so many of the tweens in my area have said similar things and actually meant it, so I tend to leap to conclusions, skipping the process of either jumping or just investigating.

So I've learned in my fair share of time how to season my crow so it's at least palatable.

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