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and you just know if you did do something to protect the child the parent would be like "HOW DARE YOU TOUCH/SPEAK TO MY CHILD!"

TaTa Ria

I think Retail Slaves should be allowed to arm themselves with a lifeguard/coach's whistle, and enforce like a lifeguard.

See a spawn misbehaving? [Shrill whistle blast] "NO RUNNING IN THE STORE!" 'NO CLIMBING ON THE FIXTURES!"

See a crusty tearing up a display? [Double shrill whistle blast] "PUT THAT BACK THE WAY YOU FOUND IT!"

Custy having a melt-down? Triple shrill whistle blast will bring the manager, or you can banish the custy from the store. "No shopping for 30 minutes."

NC Tony

30 minutes? No, 30 days!

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