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Trucker Bitch

Holy Hell! I hate people who do that to books, most especially BOOKS THAT DON'T BELONG TO THEM!!!


How about the fuckheads who break the spines of new books RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU?! I was just on desk and handed a woman a brand new large print book. She opened it at the middle and cracked the spine right in front of me! I said "DO NOT DO THAT... when you break the spine, you lessen the lifespan of the book!" To which she replied, "but I just love the sound, don't you?" NO. NO, I DON'T. You just committed book murder in front of a person who loves books. Now the pages are going to fall out and we'll have to try to fix it as best we can, but you have permanently injured a book, you fucking dipshit! All because YOU LIKE THE SOUND IT MAKES WHEN IT SCREAMS IN PAIN.


Kate, you should have charged her right then and there for destruction. Maybe then she would figure out that it is a terrible thing to do.

My husband is learning not to be a book killer around me. I grew up getting most of my books from used bookstores and then working with family who owned a used bookstore. For me, writingbin and cracking spines is absolute heresy!

Bored at the Bookstore

And how about those who dogear pages??? Aaaggghhhh!

I had one little ol' lady customer who would special-order the entire month's output of Harlequin American Romances, every month, bless her. And every month, she'd scuttle happily out to her car, settle into the driver's seat, pull out one of her brand-new books, and crack the spine open so she could double it back on itself. At least she never brought them back for credit... And they were HER books... but it hurt my booklover's soul every time I handed over her purchase, knowing what awaited them.


My mother was a librarian when I was growing up and I learned the four things that would get me immediately disowned.
1. Cracking a spine, I am so parinoid about this that I only open the book enough for me to see the last word in a line to make sure I don't damage the spine.
2. Writing in a book I DO NOT own. We would mark the start and end dates of a book we read aloud, but these are books in my families permanent collection.
3. Dog-earing books, a scrap of paper will always do.
4. Riding a motorcycle. What did you think they were ALL book related?

Book Diver

When I worked in a used bookstore, people would bring in books on rainy days without covering them up. It was also sad going through them on cold days, when the spines would freeze and crack easily.

In the words of Isaac Vainio from Jim Hines' 'Libriomancer', 'It was one thing to shoot at me, but to destroy my books!'


I had to stop lending books to my own mother because she cracked too many spines. I just buy her a few for her birthday and Xmas now so she leaves mine alone. (Although she's more careful with autographed ones, so I try to get a few signed every time before I give them to her.)

+1 for the Libriomancer reference! Damn, those books are FUN!

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