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Could have gotten the gist of the story without the writer being holier than thou about being from the North.


Wish I could like your comment, Raygina


OK, I'll bite. What's holy about the North? (Seriously.)

SpookShow Baby

So why are you in the south? Go home if you don't like all the 'rednecks'. We're not stopping you. In fact, we can give you directions. Maybe since he likes your store or at least your product, he was trying to be conversational and friendly.


Ok, for those who are questioning why me being from the North is something I noted: because oftentimes there's the stereotype that being from the North means you're fast paced and quick. I've had many a person since I moved down South actually tell me that I was going too fast, whether it was in making a sandwich or in ringing them up. I have little patience for having to slow down when it isn't necessary.

Especially since in having to sit there and actually listen to the man go on and on about useless details to the story, I was not able to finish up the tasks I had to do that night. Even with me staying a half hour later than I was supposed to, I couldn't finish cleaning everything and I couldn't finish taking inventory. I just had to sit there and listen to this man talk. Believe me, I tried to multitask, and the customer wasn't having it.


Also one thing I did not mention in this comment is that I strongly suspect that this man was placated in the past by being given free product (sounded like free double meat from the price he quoted me as he was used to paying) and so was very happy to come back to this store. Long before I came to this store, this particular location was known for having horrible management all around, and people avoided it. The last manager fixed that, but I suspect it was also done by giving away product.

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