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It's gotten to the point where the company no longer cares how it looks. It knows the public doesn't care and the public are their biggest customers.

This is so wrong.. I'm pretty much off McDonalds. :/


I wonder if the same company is handling communications for McD's and Microsoft's Xbone... they both seem determined to shoot off their dick and stomp on it...

Sales Agent Guy

I dunno if this is the biggest case of hypocrisy or most blatant case of irony I've ever seen. Probably both.

NC Tony

I've tried to avoid McDicks ever since the first story about their resource line "advice" broke, but my son still loves their food, so I grudgingly go there when he wants to eat there. But if I'm by myself, I avoid them.

Sachimi Sushi

Make burgers and fries at home instead of taking him to McD's. The reason he loves their food is because it has so much sugar in it - it's in the fries, burgers, salads, and everything else except the water at McD's. He's addicted to the sugar, and that's what really causes health problems. I can just about guarantee that he's going to consume more sugar and salt eating out rather than making the food at home. I much prefer making fries in the oven and making a vegetarian burger of some kind ( not saying veggie is healthier, but in general food made at home is better for you ). My meat-eating siblings enjoy both meat and veggie-substitutes for burgers, bacon, and other foods. It'll end up costing less to make food at home, for most things. It certainly doesn't cost me $8 a plate to make pasta, or $7 to make myself a burger and fries.


how many more times is this company "resource" website going to shoot itself in various body parts before it just dies a painful and public death????

WHO is actually running/monitoring/selecting content for this site????? Helen Keller????

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