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NC Tony

I think it's less the thief had a heart, and more of the fact that they didn't want a vigilante mob to show up at their house. Because due to the internet, sooner or later you WILL be found.


OR someone who knows the thief did the right thing.

Anyone who would steal a wheelchair HAS no heart.

Mel the Library Slave

I'm glad they got it back and all, but why the heck did they leave it outside at 2 AM in the first place?


Yeah, I'm with Mel. That's an important item that should probably not be left outside. I mean, it looks heavy, so I get that it's probably a hassle to bring inside, but...
Either way, glad they got it back.

Book Baby

I'll third what Mel and CoG said.


Some people will take anything that isn't nailed down. smh...

Trucker Bitch

As for why someone would steal a wheelchair... I would guess to either sell the parts or to break it down for the recyclable metal in it.

Hell, where I live, we've had such a problem with metal thieves that they are stealing the copper wire from LIVE power cables and power boxes.

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