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As much as I hate to say it, walking off a job that you can be so easily replaced in is a little stupid. I'd like to see 10 dollars an hour be the minimum wage, and maybe then I'd see more money too.


sure, put a tip jar at every counter.

not a big deal unless there are laws against food service people who get minim wage, also getting tips.

yes the tips will not be consistent but it will be a little extra that they can look foward to


No more tips, more living wages.


Enough with tips.

Just charge us appropriately, and pay the employees appropriately.


This sounds like another McMoney Saving Tip. "Stand on the street corner with a jar. It's totally not begging!"


I was told by a McDonald's employee that they aren't allowed to accept tips!


I don't generally tip at places where I do most of the work. The business is to get me food, I'm already paying for that, I don't feel the need to pay extra for it if I stand at the counter and order then wait and carry it to a table myself, and have to go to the counter or a drink machine to get my own refills.

At a sit-down restaurant, I tip because there's more involved. The wait* comes to the table and takes my order, brings my food and drinks, makes sure that my drink remains filled and if I want something else I can get it. I don't LIKE tipping, but that's the minimum I require for something I'm willing to leave a tip for. (And no, I'm not a bad tipper. My minimum is 5$, for anything up to and including 25$. The various places that deliver food to my apartment all know me as a good tipper and I usually get my stuff a lot sooner than the estimated time.)

That being said, I'd much rather pay a little extra and not have to deal with tipping, and make sure the people doing the work are able to live without having to beg.

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