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That is among the most rudest and horrible things I've ever had heard. If they have different meats, they are two different sandwiches! You will be charged appropriately for both!


Anyone who pulls the "we're too poor to eat" card is usually a manipulative scammer, as I have found in my experience. A canister of oatmeal is $5, a dozen eggs is $3 and can feed two people for at least a week. Breakfast at restaurants is one of the most marked-up food tricks in the world. You get about $1 worth of food for $7 or $8. It's cheaper to buy the stuff and make it at home yourself.


No idea but it was between 9and 10 in the morning maybe they wanted lunchish stuff. I cant judge I eat an italian sub for breakfast

I just hope the kid got something he was behaving up untiill she upset him. Just holding moms hand and reading the chipbags at eye level


It is very wrong of parents to make "bad guys" out of employees. It gives kids the impression that employees are bad people. If a child was lost, hurt, or being kidnapped they would be too afraid to ask an employee for help. When I was little my mom always told me that if we ever became separated to look for someone who worked there and they would help me find her.


I hate when people use their kids to do guilt trips on others, especially when their whole goal is getting free stuff out of it. Like how Bowser points out, it makes 'bad guys' out of the employees and it also teaches the kids to throw tantrums in a store to get what they want.


Ugh, what a disgusting human being. Sending the wrong message to her kid, and using her kid to guilt trip you.

That being said, though, tuna for breakfast doesn't sound that weird to me. I like kippers for breakfast sometimes, and tuna isn't really that far off from herring.


I had the opposite thing happen to me-- I ordered two 6" ham subs for each of my kids. When I went to pay, they only charged me for a single 12" ham sub, which if I had any brains I would have ordered it that way originally.


While I don't doubt that this was manipulative (if it was so important, decide on one sandwich and split it, jeezus)...

... it's true that food is cheaper purchased in raw materials and stored/prepared at home, lots of poor people don't have homes to store food or stoves to cook on.

NC Tony

It sounds to me like she intentionally worded it in a confusing way just to either scam some free food, or blame you for being a horrible person. If she really wants to see a horrible person all she has to do is look in the mirror.

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