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TaTa Ria

I wish there were a way to detect lonely people using retail for social contact. They buy stuff and then return it for double the fun.

I tried direct sales (Avahellon) and got sucked in to this dynamic one time too many. Oh, thank you for bringing the brochure, wait while I look through it, I might want to order from it right away. No, I need to think about it. Can I call when I want to order? (Places an order) (Wants me to sit while she goes through the order) "No I don't want any of this."


I have people, often older, that want photos but REFUSE to learn how to use our kiosks. Sadly Raichu has allowed people to leave names, phone numbers, and the photos they need scanned plus the amount so we do it for them! Once a person left Aipom (she had sneaked a Beanie Boo monkey behind the register: I sneaked it from that spot, bought it, and gave it to her with a red ribbon on it!) with over ONE HUNDRED to scan (the kiosk can only scan 35 at a time) and work with.

And one guy had the gall to say "I'm paying you to do this. I refuse to learn and you'll have to do it for me."


First she was annoying, then she became demanding, then she ended on the high note of creepy.

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