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Yeah!!! Shame smearing under the guise of kindness! AMAZING TACTIC, good job, Nervous Dog! If he's just some dude that's got sticky fingers in the tips jar for a pack of smokes or something, I hope his tiny black soul was crushed into a fine powder when he realized the bucks he stole created this kind of response.

... and isn't there just the smallest, tiniest chance that maybe he is actually poor? And this might get him through a rough patch? There's no "exscuse" for being hungry, not when people throw away so much food.

Either way, this warms the cold chunk of charcoal that is my retail heart. Whether it's vengeance, or kindness, this is well-played. :)

Soft Ice Girl

I second Ramona.
Plus, if I were so poor that I would actually have to go hungry, I would steal too (although I find it shameful to steal from low-paid people, I´d rather shoplift or something like that).

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