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I have a tuxedo cat that I describe as "modtly black". I've gotten some horrified looks before because of that. I'm usually like wtf? It's a cat.

Book Diver

Thanks for the picture; he's one of the cutest birds I've ever seen. :) Also requesting permission to use 'feather-baby' to describe my little one. She's a cockatiel, so I get to say she has orange cheeks like Pikachu.


California a while back had a law that computer hard drives could no longer be labeled 'master' (The one the OS boots from) and 'slave', even though that'd been the standard for decades. So yeah, I can believe someone would be that kind of idiot.

Trucker Bitch

First I have to say BIRD IS SO CUTE!!

Secondly some people are WAY TOO into the PC Police mode. It's a BIRD for god's sake. Like you said, it isn't going to get offended over what you use to describe it's colouring.


Here in the UK one of our own TV shows, "Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons" (1960s puppet show from the makers of Thunderbirds), was accused of racism when it was repeated in 1993 -- not because of any old-fashioned attitudes, but because the leader of the good guy organisation (Spectrum) is named Colonel White, and the agent who is turned to evil is Captain Black. Even though Captain Black is Caucasian, and a couple of the good guys are black! By this token, a good cowboy wearing a white hat and a bandit wearing a black hat is also racist...

And yes, that Cali law about not being able to refer to hard drives as "Master" and "Slave" is ridiculous. Thank goodness for SATA drives, eh?


I had one of those (though mine was a lot lighter all over than yours - the black head was more of a grey, and the blue was more baby blue) and I used to say he had a "black head" rather than face and it seemed to go down better.


We should all start saying Saruman the Caucasian.

CoG's Black Cat


Permission granted Book Diver. :)

Polo Necked Strip Mall Monkey

Next time, use the Latin name, Agapornis personata.

Boy, did we ever dodge an over-sensitive bullet recently. The genius son of the owner came up with a great advertising campaign for Black Friday. On the poster hung in all the stores, it said, "We don't call it Black Friday because the word black has such terrible connotations." I am not making this up. What was he thinking? I am astonished this did not make the news, or the owner sued.


Agapornis personata doesn't exactly describe the coloration, which was the topic of discussion before Super Offended Bitch leapt in to save the day from no one...

And re the poster? Eep. Did you beat him with one till he figured out why it was dumb?

Box Office Bitch

Not really pertaining to an animal, but people get uptight just describing others. I was in the school library a couple years ago and there was this lady using one of the computers. After she left, I noticed she left her lunchbox, so I picked it up to turn it in. I told the student worker, "Hey, I think someone left this. It was the Indian lady that was here a bit ago." I was basically describing her in case she came back looking for it. The person then told me I was being racist. I said, okay then, and left.

And it wasn't like I was just assuming she was Indian like, "Haha, she's brown so she must be Indian." She was wearing a sari and had the red bindi on her forehead and everything. People need to chill.

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