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She doesn't need yoga class she needs a shrink! Wow.


she also needs to cut back on the caffeine. yeesh

Sales Agent Guy

Seriously, she was cussing nonstop and they didn't eject her? That's ridiculous! At my store, I swear the management would kick someone out the moment they swore.


Of course they eat Friskies. The girl who runs the rescue that I sometimes work for calls Friskies "the Doritos of cat food." It's full of shit, as is she. Also, bitch needs to spay her cat so she won't keep having kittens. RAWR. Bad pet owners piss me the fuck off.
Fucking namaste.

Arrrgh! Bunny!

people like this are what I call "hippy-crites".

I feel your pain,

We get people like that in our petstore... They have a name...

Crazy cat ladies.


Heh. "Hippy-crites". I like that...

"I can get that cheaper at (somewhere else)!"
"Ok, why are you here, then?"

Used to get that all the time at the convenience store I worked at. "Cigarettes are exty cheaper at the store down the road?" "So you don't want these then? (puts back)" And if that was all they had, I'd start handling the person behind them. "You just lost my business!" "You were going to go buy those somewhere else, weren't you? So we didn't HAVE your business...."

It was 3.85$ an hour (minimum wage at the time). I couldn't afford any fucks to give. :P

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