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Norm de Guerre

I was at an auto parts store once with an armful of merchandise waiting to pay. After 5 minutes, it was my turn. The cashier looked at me for a second then without a word shut off her register and walked away. I waited a minute or two dumbfounded. When it was obvious she wasn't going to return, I dumped everything on the counter and walked out. My only regret is I didn't report her to a manager.

Joe the Cigar Guy

So, this clueless bitch said, "I'm batshit crazy, but I'm going to leave now!"
What could she expect other than slow applause?

Senior Retail Lady

Oh how about the ones that think that it is the cashiers responsibility to give them a coupon? That astounds me. Seriously, it is beyond EASY to get a coupon for that big craft store that starts with a M. It is so damn easy that you should NEVER go there without a coupon.
Did I mention that those coupons are everywhere? And it is easy to get them?
So no, don't get all pissy at the cashier for 1)Not supplying you with a coupon or 2)Not letting you use more than one of the same coupon per transaction or 3)Not letting you use the same coupon more than once.
No, I can't just give you a 'used' one. Because its my job, your not worth it AND you're being a bitch. If you had been nice to me, I /might/ have had one stashed. But those are for the nice customers. Of which YOU were not.

Sorry Rhuers, its been a rough couple of days....

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