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sounds like you do have quite the coworker support team, which is one hell of a holiday retail blessing.

that bitch? just remind yourself that she's now having 'such a terrible day' and will get what's coming to her in the very near future. you'll never see her again, and IF she tries to return to the store...your coworkers will circle the wagons and help. you deserve some cocoa...with lots of marshmallows...and some frangelico...

Joe the Cigar Guy

Jesus-tap-dancing Christ! You have my sincerest sympathies, Burger Bitch. If that had happened on the street, girlfriend would have gotten a beating. But in a store...folks think they can be utter shits with no consequences. In my time at the smoke shop, Lord & Taylor and L.L. Bean, I saw my share of them. Be strong.


Hang in there, BB! It sounds like you have a great team of coworkers, just don't be afraid to speak up, especially about your hours! I know right now my hours are insane and all over the place, but my supervisor has been awesome with working with me about when I can't work. As far as the bitch goes, just think how miserable she has to be in order to treat you the way she did. It doesn't make it all right, but at least you can know you've got the support you need.

Sales Agent Guy

Holy fucking shit. Sounds like Veruca Salt has grown up!

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