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TaTa Ria

When my brother was 4 or 5 years old, he would pitch spectacular melt-down demandy-fits. Collapse on the ground, writhe around and scream. Our mom would first just stare at him, then cross her arms and say "Is that the best you can do? You must not want it very much." And she would walk off. Only an aisle away, but ...

Worked every time.

I know, not exactly like this story, but it reminded me. And as for grabbing the kid by the arm...try pre-emptive parenting: setting expectations of behavior beforehand.

SpookShow Baby

At least the parent tried. Actually said no. Could have done nothing.


i´m with SpookShow Baby. The Father did much more than other parents. If he grabbed just his child there a great possibility that an old hag or some so called well meaning people whining what he did to the child.

Banned Guy

While i will give him credit forat least reading the sign and calling his daughter's attention to it,there are two things that make it impossible to simpathize with him.
1-He lied about the toy being for sale, therefore trying to shift the "blame"(sorry, i can't reacall the correct word) for the kid not getting it into someone else.
2-He left the kid alone while she was still throwing a tantrun, meaning it was possible for the kid to end up hurting either herself or someone else, and you just know he would have blamed the store if that happened.
Also, CharlieWhiskyMike, think about it. If a hag was likely to whine about him grabbing the child, what do you think she would have done if she saw a little girl crying alone in the store?

Box Office Bitch

How do you know the toy was for sale? Because the kid said so?


he may have JUST walked away, not left-left the kid all alone for even a full 60s. and if the kid does this often (and is older than say, 5), there's absolutely no help in 'staying at the scene' to further the tantrum.

if this is a reoccurring tantrum thing, the dad likely knows he's just being annoying and that walking away instead of pandering to his attention-seeking is the way to go.

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