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Sales Agent Guy

Double owned!


Finally a crusty bitch gets what she deserves. Bravo!

John Molene

Great story.

However, I'd be wary of that bitch if I were you. She sounds a bit unhinged. No telling what someone like that might do.


And your manager/store manager didn't fire you for disrepecting a customer? That's exceptional in itself, most stories here would have the manager grovelling to keep her business even after her returns.

Greenhouse Gal

Until I started working retail, I would *never* have guessed the number of folks who have no reading comprehension. *Every* time we have a clearance sale, at least *one* argues with me when I'm ringing them up that "everything is supposed to be 50% off! The sign says so!" Argh.

And good on you for calling the cops. We've called for dogs left in cars, but never had anyone leave their kids in the car while shopping--that's horrible.

Arch Guy

Lady Caligula is the store manager at her store Potatohead. Good job calling the cops on the crusty "mother".


We had a classy act in the department store I worked in some years back. Found 2 little girls under 10 about half hour before closing (9 M-S, 7 Sun--can't remember which day, tbh). They're upset, don't want or can't give us the mother's phone--stranger danger and all that. I think; they thought they'd get into even more trouble if they did. So we contact security, who ends up going OUT OF THE STORE & INTO THE MALL to find the woman. And of course there's no PA system that reaches into all the stores. The girls are scared, the one's so sure they're going to be in trouble, and we're trying to calm them while doing some closing.

She finally comes back and yells at them for not keeping up! It's her daughter and one of her friends--not even related and she's lost her! How do you explain that to the parents if the kids had been taken or hurt? Oh, I'm sorry, I lost them in [Name] and was in 5 different stores before I realized they weren't still with me?

We were so sorry for them--they really were going to get in bigger trouble than was probably justified. Security was disgusted--apparently the mom had done nothing but bellyache that she had to go back to get him. In her world, he should have brought them with him as he walked from one end of the mall to another looking for a woman who may not have even still been there.

*sigh* I hate people sometimes...

Book Diver

Yesterday morning it was about ten below zero. I had a lady who was returning an item and asked about another. When I told her it wasn't up front on display but was in the back, she mentioned that she didn't have time, she was bringing her daughter to the hospital for a major procedure and the daughter was waiting in the car.

WTF, lady? What is WRONG with you?

She'd come in the door straight to me and left a few minutes later, but still. It was freakin' freezing! I hope she left the car running.

lady caligula

I'm so honored! This is my second retail balls award! Lol

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