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Wow... great job on the video. Someone ought to pick him up and hire him for those skills.


That was a great video.

Chubby McSteamy

That video was epic!

The Dominick's in my area closed years ago. They really did go downhill fast after Safeway took them over. I do find it odd that Jewel bought some of the stores though as they're not doing very well in the area either.

NC Tony

I would have replaced the "Thanks Safeway" with "Fuck You Safeway", but that's just me.


Dude, if I was told to suspend an employee on the last day our business was to be open, I would have said "yeah.. .sure..." and hung up and told my employee "they can fuck off and die. I'll see you tomorrow. Since we're all unemployed after tomorrow anyway, they can suck it."

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