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This is getting ridiculous. The site is RHU, which is "for anyone in working in retail or a customer service related position who wants to rant, tell their story, blow off steam or just have a chuckle about the insanity of working in the 10th Circle of Hell!" It's not for begging letters.

Everyone here is in "retail hell" or has been recently enough to still appreciate the site. People come here to read funny stories - not to be guilt tripped into giving away money they don't have. Many people are struggling - loads of stories are about people not getting hours, or not getting tips - but that doesn't mean those posters have resorted to begging here. What makes YOU and the others who have tried it special? The answer is, quite simply, a lack of respect for other people on RHU.


I've got $20 to my name and I've gotta stretch it till next week. Sorry, I can't help. After all, I'm not gonna sell everything I own to help someone else.

As CatLady above said, most everyone here has been in Retail Hell, is in retail hell, or has seen retail hell through the eyes of a customer, so we come here to read funny/amusing stories, rants from workers sick of getting the shaft, or to share experiences in the comments of people who just suck.


I'm with Crazy Cat Lady and & Madrias, this is getting stupid.

At risk of sounding heartless, maybe I don't know any better because I'm childless, but at the aforementioned ages of 10,11 & 13 shouldn't children be able to grasp the concept that Mom & Dad are sailing tough waters and they should trim their lists? :/ The author is making it sound like they're toddlers, not children who are likely at the cusp of not believing (or already don't) in Santa. If this is an attempt at trying to get me to part with my hard earned $20 it failed.


Just a quick word: if you don't have money to give... Don't give it. Obviously. However, if you're for you happen to be fortunate enough to do so, cool! There's no need to go ragging on an effort to help a fellow retail slave during a hard time. If you don't like looking at it, computers have this nifty ability to scroll past stuff you don't want to read. Taking the effort to both decry a harmless attempt to help someone else AND bitch about rhu daring to post something that promotes helping someone seems a bit bitter.

Just my opinion. No one is guilt tripping or breaking your legs for it.

Kiliana Nightwolf

^What Twinkenshtuff said. Don't be a dick about it.


I come from a large family, and when my Dad went without work (through no fault of his own) it was a huge burden to try to keep food on the table and a roof over our heads-and emotionally hurt all of us.

I don't see the harm in helping others if you have a few extra dollars, as long as it is a verified need. We are not flush with extra dough, and I have spent too much on fun stuff like car repairs. Good luck to all of us to survive the holidays with a few extra pennies in our pockets, and our sanity.


A quick update from the GoFundMe! In spite of one or two completely inappropriate emails sent to the person who started this, some generous soul donated and helped clear the goal! Here's the update, for those who can't get to the link for one reason or another:


Just... Wow.

In one donation, we've bridged the gap from thirty five dollars to one fifty! I'm still reeling from the sheer generosity, it's above and beyond what I expected. Thanks to everyone who's gotten involved in spreading the word and donated so far, in particular our newfound biggest backer.

Now that we've hit our mark, it's time to get things rolling. That means we're now on Twitter and Instagram (@happydoctormas for both), to keep everyone who gets involved from here on out updated on how things go.

And as much as I don't want to test my luck, since there's still nineteen days to go, I'd like to keep pushing. Please spread the word, give what you can (and only if you can), and help me prove to a couple of kids that there's light to be found in the world. Especially at this time of year.

Once again, thanks so much. And really, just... Wow.

- Sara"


The cynical side of me wonders how many of these stories are completely fabricated by people looking for easy money.


K-dub, I understand. As someone who has been through hell once before (Ever had your Dad lose his job a year after your mother died when you're 8? That'll mess you up.), I know how tough it is to get through it.

However, Dad got back on his feet and we survived. So the cynical, sarcastic, fueled-by-society suspicious side of me questions the logic of how much of this money being donated will go into things that are needed.

I don't doubt that the OP's intentions are pure, and I won't even touch on, without knowing the person, whether they're honestly in need.

However, perhaps it's my darker side of me, but after seeing so many people (such as servers) who will intentionally forge on a receipt racial remarks for a no-tip, get massive donations, then get found out, I don't trust anyone.

And as an aside- If you think going a year without Christmas presents is bad, try three years without birthday or Christmas gifts. You learn real fast that the world sucks.

So, I'm not completely heartless. If I had money to give, I would, but I don't. And I'm overly suspicious of everyone because I've been scammed before, and having run through the perils of not having money in a tough time, I know what it's like.

In the end it comes down to this: I don't have faith in humanity. Charitable people get abused by people looking to make a quick buck, which makes them suspicious of legitimate people in need.

As for RHU posting stuff like this alongside the knowledge that people have scammed for money, it doesn't help the case for me.


Man, I wish I had the stones to do this, because I haven't had Christmas in a decade or more. But I don't. I mostly have enough to eat and a place to live, and sometimes even a little change to drop in a charity can, so I have no business asking people to fund luxuries like Christmas. No matter how bad it gets, I know there are people still worse off than I am, so my problems will stay mine and I don't have the right to dump them on other people.

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