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Norm de Guerre

Unless you're in a current epidemic... Yep.

Joe the Cigar Guy

Yes. Yes you are, but don't feel too bad. I worked with a guy whose grandparents (all 4 of them) died mysteriously during Stanley Cup playoffs.

Sales Agent Guy

This reminds me of Mr. Lazy, who ALWAYS had some kind of situation come up at the last minute just so he could coerce me into working for him (and begging me every time I said no!) After being ripped off one too many times, I put my foot down and decided no more, but that didn't stop him.

I remember when he said he needed me to work for him the next day because he couldn't get that night off even though he was 'feeling a little sick.' I may have been 19, but I wasn't that naive!


Do you need the money? Is the extra time well paid? if any one of the options is true... You might be a chump..but at least your bank account will be happy and your bosses might recognize all your extra work


Heh. I had a co-worker call off on a holiday once, after he failed to get a scheduled time off. His excuse: jail on an assualt beef with a family member.


I am with Ana.

It sounds like at least some of them are having you on.

As long as you are getting paid, and they aren't, its down to you to decide if it's a problem or not.


I'm with the rest of them. It might just be bad timing and everything happening at once, or they could be taking advantage of you. If you don't feel like a chump and don't mind the money, then I wouldn't worry about it.

Though the cashier throwing up could very well have had enough warning to get to the bathroom. Some people can tell when they're going to throw up.


This happens SO often with my cashiers. I am about to leave me retail/office job and while training my replacement I warned her that we have a huge problem with cashiers always having some excuse on why they're asking for days off, coming in late, calling in, etc etc. It is a goddamn epidemic and our other cashiers get the shit end of it. She wasn't even here two weeks and every single person had called in at one point or other which ridiculous excuses.
One of our cashiers is actually asking for 3 days off "to unwind and relax" before school starts up. She's on break from school right now and she only works 20 hours a week. We already had an issue with her because she applied with us claiming she was available for full time but then complained about stress twice so that we could lower her hours to 30 and then 20 a week. When she asked me for that extra time off I sorta wanted to be like "Where have you worked part time that you think you can ask for time off for some BS excuse like that during the holidays?" Not to mention that she's taken 4 entire weekends off during her probation period. But whatever.


Some workers love having more hours. Some prefer fewer. But what drives me apesh** is the unpredictability of it. You can have more hours... *if you come in right now!* whatever plans you might have had, or might have made, if you didn't expect that call...

And don't get me started on those who think they should get paid for all their hours even as they skip out on them.


The Kid

I would still be very lenient with the person who may possibly have an alcoholic spouse, mostly because there is a child involved. Do you really want to say no and have something happen? It wouldn't be your fault, but you wouldn't have a heart if you didn't feel guilty.
The others? Complete bullshit.


I second the good comment made about Alcoholic Spouse Excuse. That kind of thing can happen, and if you are stuck at work with an unreliable caretaker, that's a double liability.
I tend to think of extra cover as being a show of how much you are expecting of your co-workers - if you will do this for them, they should be willing to do it for you. I'm fortunate and have great workers and managers who understand that if the bus/train combo is crappy, I can't get in to work. But if they are ill and they need cover, I'm there.

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