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was he mentally handicapped?

my first guess would be "is he a foreigner" but i cannot think of a single country where that line would be culturally appropriate.

Sachimi Sushi

Actually, this is something that happens often in South Korea. People will tell you that you're fat, but it isn't meant as an insult. They're saying "you should lose some weight and look better", as a form of encouragement. It's really difficult to understand as Americans, where we call people fat as an insult. South Koreans will also tell people that they should have plastic surgery... but again, it's not meant as an insult. It's meant to be more like an encouraging statement, like "make yourself better so you can do well in life". I can't explain all the intricacies of this, but in SK being more attractive is very important in their society ( especially for females ). It makes you more likely to get a job, or get a raise or promotion, and also more likely to marry someone who is successful ( marriage is very important there too ). It's not an insult or 'wrong', it's just a very different way of thinking.


Interesting! Thank you for that insight Sachimi. I have a friend currently over in South Korea teaching English right now. Personally, I would still be insulted (as per my American way of thinking) I think but I do understand the idea of encouragement. It's wonderful, especially when trying to become healthier, to have encouragement. Different strokes for different folks as they say.

Sales Agent Guy

"Actually, I'm not fat. I just have a larger stomach than most people." That's probably what I'd say.

Or, "That's all extra food being stored for when I hibernate!"

Bread Bitch

Concern trolling. Nice. -_-

The Singing Library Clerk

I don't care how people try to justify it, it's still an insult. That sort of thing doesn't encourage people, it just makes them feel worse and wonder why they should even try.


"Yes, I'm fat. But I can lose weight. You'll still be an asshole."


I was thinking the same thing, I can lose weight but dumb is forever.

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