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Joe the Cigar Guy

The local mall had a gelato shop. One afternoon, Mrs. Cigar Guy and myself witnessed a very large woman and her 5 kids ask for (read: DEMAND) a sample of each of the SIXTEEN flavors. The exasperated slave tried to cut her off, but mama played the race card. As they walked away, she said, "NOW y'all don't need no lunch!"


I take a sample every time I go to the grocer. It's built into the price of goods sold.

But I don't do that in places where it requires a retail slave to hand out, since I don't care to bother them.


this sounds like something my grandma would do "because she can" she is rich; she owns 2 apartment bulisings AND her home but she PROUDLY told my mom how she got out of a $15 doctor visit co-pay by screaming like a luntic untill he said "fine! just go home!"

i guess it's an "old person" thing

Sales Agent Guy

I'm surprised she wasn't kicked out for that!


I work in a grocery store and I have this one customer who will go to the deli salad bar and not just take one or two packs of fork, knives, and nepkin packs she takes like ten of them. I don't ever say anything to her about it but all I am thinking of what a cheapskate she is to go and buy a box of forks.

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