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You may not *like* it, but this *is* America and it *is* legal...Class Envy is an ugly trait, America. Don't go that way.....!

Led Lawless

So it's wrong to say we should change the law to reomve this tax loophole that lets companies deduct an executive's full compensation package? Because.....derp...class warfare? Nice try. 2/10


'Legal' doesn't mean the same as 'right'. When most of the workers are below the poverty line to the point where they have to have welfare to survive, while CEOs use a loophole to get paid so much that their salaries bring the 'average' salary of the company up to 'well off' levels, it's not right. It's not class envy, it's the fact that this company is making taxpayers pay to keep their employees from starving while they have to buy extra pants to have enough pockets to line with money.


Slavery was *legal* once too, Trailboss. Bad argument on your part.

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