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The Singing Library Clerk

Wait, even if you were on a reservation would it really be illegal to sell "real beer"?

As for the pizza - well, as people always snap at me whenever I say businesses that are not hospitals or the like shouldn't be open on Christmas so people can be with their families, "Not everyone celebrates Christmas!" And not everyone can cook. Gas station pizza is as probably as close to home cooking as they get.


Just so you know, its not very therapeutic to punch babies and set kittens on fire. The noises they make just make it worse. Setting those stupid assholes on fire after punching them, that feels much better. And you can have some beer and pizza while watching the light show!

Trucker Bitch

I would find the "Fire-Water" statement offensive and I don't have any native blood in me. Besides I thought "Fire-Water" was actually whiskey, not beer.


Yup, "Fire Water" is a reference to Whiskey. But then, what is one extra count of ignorance when he is already displaying so many others.


Foofy sold 76 pizzas last year?? I just... wha... I don't even. And of my gosh, the Fire Water guy is painfully ignorant.


I don't have family here(dad is dead, mom and sister are 900 miles away, and mom is in a nursing home following surgery), and after putting in a 12 hour shift at work, I really didn't feel like cooking anything. Sorry. -_-

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