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Sales Agent Guy

Jeez, that guy should've been arrested!


Creep. Flashes are dangerous to people who get seizures. That's how I found out that my coworker gets crazy-scary migraines from those. I was careful not to handle a camera like that around her again.

Damn Yankee

If you're afraid for your safety and you're alone in the mornings, call the local non-emergency police number. Tell them what happened, and ask if it's possible to have an officer watch or patrol around the area. In my area, the local Kroger let someone go and they were afraid he'd come back and cause trouble. A cop sat in the lot for three or four days and kept an eye on things.


Thanks for the comments, and for posting this!

I worked the day shift I had after this incident with no issues. I had my dad come in with me, and hid in the break room with a co-worker until the rest of our team showed up :)


Stay safe.

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