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I sort of had that happen to me...
I have my spouse as an authorized used on a credit card. Yesterday I received a mailing stating the "blah blah, possibly compromised...issuing new card and number... old cards are deactivated and no longer valid...blah blah..." The letter included a new card, but only a new card for him. Nothing for the primary account holder. I imagine I'll get a new card today and that it was just delayed in the mail for whatever reason. Still, it was a bit odd.

Marsh Creature

I had one customer who was a little irritated that we can't look up receipts by credit card yesterday..she said "Target can do it and it's awesome." And since she seemed pretty nice, I said "And look what just happened to Target." She looked like I had just told her the world was round.."OHHH. Yeah, that's a good point."

Sales Agent Guy

It's times like this I'm glad I don't shop at Target. If I do, I'd be using a gift card I've been holding onto for the longest time!

Chubby McSteamy

My co-worker got hit for $6,000 after she used her card at Target to buy a $10 shirt. She'll get her money back, but only after the class action suit ends...which I think is a crock of shitake. No other time has anybody had to wait for a lawsuit to get their money back from an unauthorized charge.

I get customers too who think we can look up all their credit card info. We usually just ask "Do you REALLY want your credit information available to total strangers?" then they usually get it.

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