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Oh, FFS! What ever happened to common sense?


It was a reasonable, if unfortunate call by the driver.

Ms. Sole said that the bin was empty - 6 days out of 7, that would mean that the bin was not due to be emptied.
And as she said, it was likely assumed that it was already emptied that day.

I am more inclined to believe that some opportunist pinched it, than it was collected as rubbish. (collection in the UK is done by 9 am normally, while commercial delivery normally starts about then - is it similar across the pond?)


Nope - our garbage pickup is anywhere from 7 AM to 2 PM, and those are just the ones I've been home to notice. :-P


Our garbage pickup can be anywhere from 6am - 6pm. Because I live in an area where houses don't have much room between them, most people on my street just leave the bins out all the time.
I would be fuming if a package was left in my bin, whether it was picked up by the truck or not.

The Singing Library Clerk

Depending on vacations and stuff, garbage pick up can be as late as 8 PM here and sometimes as early as 5 AM.


Yep mine gets picked up at random times as well. Not to mention that that's where my garbage goes... Gross. I mean, it's all in bags but still. I bag up and toss out litter box waste all the time. As well as bags containing raw meat packaging. It's a garbage bin so it's not exactly the most sanitary place... >_<


I love in the UK and ours never gets picked up until about 12pm.


UPS needs to go out of business. You'd think a company whose entire purpose for existing is 'Move people's crap' would be better at it. I've had four packages trashed and another outright destroyed in the last six months by the appropriately named Brown. Their service is shit.


I very rarely have issues with UPS, the normally go above and beyond to help me out, and my work drivers are incredible. This particular driver needs to go in for retraining if a trash can is where he left the package. Not too mention he left the note stating where it was, those are easy to see anyone could have walked up seen it, and then grabbed the package out of the trash can...


UPS sucks and needs to go out of business. Until they do, they should probably fill their drivers in on the "out of site" part.


My wife and I make jewelry, hence we order frequently from online sources for materials. Haven't had a single order delivered correctly in the last 4 years via UPS. Funny how the FedEx guys and the post office get it there just fine... and faster... and cheaper...

Another Day in Paradise

Ok, UPS sucks, but is anyone else wondering why a little kid needs an expensive tablet anyway?

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