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These are really old. They had these when I was a kid (I'm 21 now)

Polo Necked Strip Mall Monkey

I actually welcome this as a toy. Beats kids playing with the real ones!!

I recall a few years back, during holiday rush, trying to get out of the store fast with my 3 items in the Self Check Out. There was a Mom and Dad and Little Daughter ahead of me. They were letting the Little Daughter do the Self Check Out - taking the items from the very full shopping cart, and scanning them - and cheering her everytime the machine accepted an item. How precious!

They were oblivious to the impatient line behind them in the crowded. I must say, they were having a lot of fun playing this game at the supermarket! No one said anything to them, although we all kind of looked at each other to say, "Can you believe this?"

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