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Finder Queen

most likely it was from a spilled bag of a bulk item. Those bags aren't very thick and holes develop easy, even more so if that was a seed of some kind which it looks like it could be black sunflower seeds.

Plus THAT much rat poo would suggest loads of rats living there and if that was the case given Winco is a 24 hour store they'd have to be quite people friendly to get there to poop...


That's got to be some sort of nuts or seeds or coffee beans...that many rat poos and their makers could not possibly go unnoticed...there'd be rats running around everywhere.


Yeah, I've had pet rats, lots of pet rats at times, and it would take them a year or so to accumulate that much poo. They look suspiciously small to be rat turds.

Finder Queen seems spot on, they look like sunflower seeds. Though I don't claim to be a seed expert. :P

Or a turd expert, for that matter...


Dried Lentils.


birdfeed sunflower seeds...they're smaller than the eatin' kind.

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