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Sales Agent Guy

You go Terah!


A lot of the time, I don't like pulling petty stunts like this no matter how bitchy they are. But oh my. This is prefect. Not big enough to be noticed but good enough to make you feel better. Go Terah!


You tell them! When working at the gas station mentioned in my deli story, a coworker called me up to the 2nd register for help because a line was forming. The culprit? An older gentleman came in to buy $40.00 or so worth of stuff but he decided to pay it all in change: pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters! He had it all mixed in a couple plastic bags. How I wish we could have told him to go to the bank across the street and convert them all into cash. Turns out he became a repeat offender of this and people cringed when he came in the store.

Gamer Girl

Go Terah! I've had that happen before too. Except mine aren't bitchy customers trying to be difficult. Usually it's some kid who dumped the contents of his piggy bank into a ziplock bag wanting to spend $25 on a Mario plush... all in change. But despite giving the mom an evil eye for not taking her kid to the bank to get it changed out properly, I sigh and start counting it out because the kid always looks *so* excited and proud. Although I've been behind that kid who, no joke, paid for a xbox 360 in loose change. The clerk had this OGODNO look on his face as a mountain of shiny coins appeared on the counter. I gave him a look of pity and came back 20 minutes later to make my purchase and commiserate.

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