Retail Hell Underground: Bank Hell: Ski Mask Prank

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As a bank teller this prank infuriates me. Wearing a ski mask inside a bank requires so much stupidity that I'm surprised this jackass remembers how to breath. Furthermore, filming bank personnel is a hazardous to their safety. I sincerely hope his stupid ass got arrested for this. Scaring the hell out of people who are trying to work isn't funny, it's idiotic.


I'd like to think he got a gun pulled on him at least once in addition for whatever arrest could be made.


The level of stupidity involved in this so-called prank makes my brain bleed. They're lucky they didn't get perforated by the SWAT team.


He's lucky someone didn't mistake him for a bank robber and pull a pre-emptive strike.

Retail Psycho

What sort of fucking idiot thinks this is a good idea? I'd have had him pinned to the ground before he could blink and held him until the cops arrived. Laughing about wasting securities time and the police's time is not fucking funny in the slightest. I hope he gets charged with wasting police resources as well as anything else they can do him for


Welp, that dumbass never had a job in their life I'm betting.

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