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We have porters, and cart pushers. However, there are no porters after noon. Produce fills two uboats of un-broken-down cardboard, leaves it until 9 in the department (after our last porter has left) leaving the cardboard piling up for hours until there is enough for 2 or three HOURS worth of bailing. Hate the lack of scheduling for porters, they're essential support staff.


Do not forget Comrade Associate, the Central Planning Comittee of Korporate allots store man hour requrements to fit into the average requirements for all stores under the five year plan. And then you must meet or exceed the sales plan requirements, which go up each time to meet Korporate ten year sales projections for Comrade Korporate Executive bonus package.

What do you mean that Korporate does not understand averages? Or diminishing returns? And only reply with newspeak buzzwords? Those words are unmutual! You must undergo Korporate Subeservience Standards training or be rightsized!

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